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Hi, I'M Douglas Nimoh,

A Dad of Seven, Digital Entrepreneur, Online Business and Life Coach.

Transformation is my passion and I do this through Business and Life Coaching and also helping individuals and small business owners leverage the power of the internet to transform their lives and businesses.


Online Business

Having an online business is one of the great investments and assets you can build. By leveraging the power of the internet you can achieve location freedom, time freedom and eventually financial freedom.

Moving a family of eight from the UK to Ghana was only possible because over the years we invested as a family in building our online businesses. Our incomes were therefore location independent as opposed to when you have a job which is produces income that is location dependent.

There's so much information out there on starting an online business, but as a beginner you can easily feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start. Click the link below to learn how to start an online business the right way.

Learn How To Start Your Online Business

Discover Your Personal Oil

Have you discovered your personal oil yet? Well if not, then you might be sitting on a gold mine!

Just as the extraction of crude oil starts with the drilling of wells into an underground reservoir, in the same way your personal oil must be discovered by drilling down into your life's underground reservoir.

The discovery of your personal oil is the first phase of the process of creating a life of financial abundance.

You already have it.

You are probably not aware of it yet.


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